Solution for: Photographers

Professional photo editing


Frequently asked questions

1 Do you charge extra for modifications?
No, we don't charge extra. All modifications are free of charge.
2 What if my photo is damaged or not of the highest quality?
Please use our free photo consultation service and email us the photo before you submit your order. We can then give you advise on the photo and let you know if it is suitable.
3 Can I choose a background for my painting?
Yes, you can! We do it at no extra cost. We offer two options. If you would like us to pick a suitable background, we are happy to do so or alternatively you can send in another photo as background.
4 What methods of payment do you accept?

1.) Credit Card

2.) PayPal

We are unable to accept any other form of payment, including checks.

5 How much does it cost?

Our paintings vary in cost depending on the chosen medium or editing style as well as size chosen.

The most complicated part of the painting are the subjects (people/pets). Painting the faces or detailed features from the photo is the most delicate task, and this takes considerable time. For this reason, we need to know the number of subjects in the painting, so that we are able to determine the complexity of the painting, and price it accordingly.

If your photo is of a house/vehicle/landscape please choose landscape as the type. When choosing to have people or pets painted, you will need to count the number of people or pets present. The number of subjects is tallied based on the number of people or pets present in the photo that you want painted and does not count background images such as houses, trees, cars or other buildings.

6 Which photos can I use?

It is enough if the quality of the photo allows us to clearly see the details of your photo.

Try to send photos with the highest resolution. If your photo is less than 100 KB size, its resolution may be too low for our to create a good quality file from it.

7 Can I make special requests for the photo editing?

Yes, you can.

We can create "magic" with your original photos: we can combine figures from different photos into one image, change the background, eliminate or add figures and objects, create color images from black and white photos and even fix damaged or old photos, etc.

8 Can I preview my order before receiving it?

Once we edit your photo, we will contact you to review it online. Most of our customers are happy with their first preview. However, if you feel that any modifications should be made, we receive your feedback, make the requested modifications and send it back to you for confirmation. Only after your approval you will receive your order.

9 Is my private information protected?

Yes it is. All the information gathered through our secure server will be used solely to process your orders. We will never sell or share your private information with any 3rd party.